We represent the great talents of tomorrow and we face it with great enthusiasm and responsibility. We’ve brought together a diverse working group with great sporting, scientific and corporate experience in which the denominator is the same: the passion for football, the fixation on numbers and data and a total belief in the sciences of physical and mental development.

We embrace athletes with high growth potential and support them together with the best professionals, infrastructures and technology.

For the players. For the clubs. For the game.
Salvador Correia de Sá
Senior Manager
António Conceição
Mental Coach
Telmo Lopes
Legal Advisors
Law Firm
Press to play
Promote and Transfer
Players Development
Promote and Transfer

We mix both sports and corporate business skills in order to secure the best promotion and transfer advising for our players.

– We’ve studied the transfer process from +150 clubs around the world
– We have direct contact with a large number of European clubs Directors
– We know the profile of the typical player required from these clubs
– We work along with sports and creative agencies on developing the best promotion assets for our players


Working along with a large scouting network, we aim for young talents (U23) that present the potential to become great! If the talent is there, we are definitely interested.

– proactive and reactive search
– global scouting networking
– we currently represent players from Europe, Africa and America.

Players Development

We work closely with the players clubs and their teams, adding a data driven and multi-dimension scientific approach, in order to accelerate the learning and development curve of each athlete.

– Technical and tactical advisory
– Physical development and recovery
– Nutrition
– Mental coaching
– Use of hi tech and data collection tools

“There was a great vibe on my first contact with TheBestPodium team. Despite having +20 years as a player’s agent, I’ve heard several innovative and creative ideas that I truly believe will make a difference in the near future. With this belief, we have established a partnership that will certainly bring a bright future for everyone involved.”

Nuno Rolo, RoloSports CEO and FPF Licensed Agent

For the players

Performance booster | Promotion | Media & legal advisory

We support each player’s career development by providing a set of tools and scientific knowledge that will allow them to become the best.
With a data driven approach, we focused on the player’s technical, tactical, physical and mental development, working along with top specialists for each specific areas to offer the best to our athletes.
Additionally, we use every data and technology available in the market to promote the player on local and international markets, discovering the best opportunities for their next challenge.

For clubs promoting their players

Performance booster | Promotion | Media & legal advisory

We work along with clubs that want to promote their assets globally through a very professional process.Using top creative tools, we develop several promotion supports to highlight the players skills. We also secure the integration of the player factsheets on the top scouting platforms in the world, exposing them to Scouting and Sport Directors from all over the world.
On top of this, we work along with a network of international players agents that secure the right contact to potential buyers.
We are currently working with SU Sintrense SAD to promote its players locally and internationally.

For clubs searching for new talents

Scouting | Intermediation | Contracts negotiation

Portuguese and international clubs can benefit from our scouting expertise in finding the best picks for their needs.


“TheBestPodium team is an ambitious and talented group. I am excited about the agency and my future on the pitch. I’m confident they can help me build on my talent and achieve my goals.”

Kevin Andrews, The Best Podium player

TheBestPodium differs from the others with a serious and honest work, always focused on the well-being of their young athletes both on and off the field. Its professionals with backgrounds in areas other than football, allow the agency to benefit from services from top companies in consulting, international networking, database analysis, mind coaching, sports nutrition, among others.

Alexandre da Silveira, SU Sintrense Sports Director

Contact Us

Rua Dr. Félix Alves Pereira
2710-716 Sintra

Mobile: +351 911 936 006


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